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Born in Ireland. Island hopped to the UK when I was 4, then onto Canada at 21 after completing my degree at Camberwell College of Arts. Growing up with an artist dad always ready with a pencil, crayon or pen to encourage me to draw with emotion. To me the canvas is a portal and the images are the vehicle to transport its viewers beyond realism into the abstract world. Painting a surreal landscape with a juxtaposition of diverse images, I aim to seduce the viewer and open them up to abandoning the way we view our daily surroundings


My Medium

I use a variety of mediums depending on the painting, allowing the visual story to manifest itself on our journey together.  I love oils, watercolor, ink, color pencils and pastels.   

Painting an intimate assortment of memories within the confinements of the canvas, I strive to capture emotions through movement of brush strokes and energetic hues, contrasting flat blocks of color with sumptuous textures, shapes and lines.  idea manifests in its own individual style.



Living in the mountains of BC I am enriched by nature's inspirations. One of my favourite pass-times is to sit on a rock with my two fur balls Tyler & Asher (& now my new baby girl Areli)  surrounded by the beautiful green pines, listening to the rustling leaves, rushing river, bird calls and often laughter from hikers walking by.